Why children are little goddesses and how we could/should treat them

True... we need to teach children how to eat, walk, speak and later how to read, write, calculate. But that's not all! Children could teach US adults so much more when we start listening to them. 

Start really listening to them - without swaying them with our views, our beliefs, our desires, our hopes. 

When a baby enters this world it knows everything. It cannot yet express itself as we do, but it knows why it came here for. It knows its contribution in this life. Though until it is able to speak a lot of times it has already been so influenced and "trained" that it becomes more and more difficult for the child to let us know what it ought to do here on this earth. 


I myself am not yet a mother but I keep having children around me. I've watched over and over again what little goddesses children are and I'm blessed with so many moments that proof it. 

That proof that children don't need to be given sweets, toys or cute cloths to dress up all the time. But rather that children are pure, perfect, divine, whole beings who if they don't act the way we want them to are only a mirror of us adults

My nephews show me so often. Just recently I had an experience that let me melt again. I was supposed to watch one of my nephews. I didn't think too much about what I will do with him. He on the other hand did have a suggestion. 

He said to me: "Godi (that's how he calls me), for me it would be ok if we lay on the balcony and watch the moon." My nephew is 6 years old! He didn't want to play, he didn't want to be entertained - he wanted to watch the moon. 

We then lied down, watched the moon and after a while he fell asleep in my arms. By the way he didn't need a bedtime story either. This experience showed me once again that children don't necessary (or at least not all the time) have to be entertained. When we give them the chance so much comes from them!! 

So how could/should we treat our little goddesses? 


It starts at the very beginning. 
Please trust your children when still in the womb and let birth beginn on its own. 

Babies let us know when they are done and ready. Doctors and machines cannot know as well as the baby itself when everything is developed and mature and when it's ready to come to this world. Inductions and c-sections have a significant effect on our lives. A lot of times neither the life of the baby nor the life of us adults becomes easier after such an intervention. We can now also proof it scientifically. In addition to that we should trust the baby telling us when it's ready we don't calculate the due date correctly and that's why many inductions are premature! 


Please give your chi​ldren nutritious food. 
Please start to read labels of everything you and your children eat. 

When you find out what's in Reese's, instant noodles, candy, snacks etc you don't want to give it to your children any more. So many processed foods have ingredients that are not good for us. The fact that you can go to university for food technology nowadays shows that we are denaturalizing completely. Food technology doesn't want to create the most healthy foods for people but to produce the most longlife products in big amounts with as much profit as possible. 

I myself grew up on Nutella (which is something like peanut butter made out of hazelnuts/nougat). It took me years to get away from it. Do we really think that sugar bombs like peanut butter but also cereals & co (for breakfast!) give our children - or us energy and do our body any good? 


Please don't let your children watch TV or play computer (tablet). 

And if you do please check the programs/games carefully. There are so many hidden messages to the subconsciousness in the media. Us adults are permanently taken in by the manipulation of the mass media, otherwise we would have stopped drinking coke a long time ago. Our mind knows very well that coke is not good for us but ads let us ignore ourselves and nicely wrapped dictate us what to do. And even if we don't drink coke, we might drive a (too) expensive car because they make us think it would be better. Or we have conscious or unconscious self-doubt because our bellies are not as flat as the ones we keep seeing in the movies... 


Children don't need 1000s of toys, they don't need clothing with the latest comic stars, they don't need sweets full of preservatives. 

Children need one and for most mothers. 

Nobody can replace a mother. Neither the very best day care provider/nursery nor the most wonderful grandmother. 


Please dear moms try to organize your life in a way to spend as much time with your children as possible. 

I know it's not easy. But the situation as it is right now - go to work and be a mother, housewife, wife etc - is not easy either. Please recalculate and ask yourselves if the money that remains after all is worth it... 


Countless women are telling that they work while having children, but only around 50 dollars remain by the end of the month. The money the women earn needs to be used for day care and gas (to drive the children to day care and to get to work). 

Is this stress worth 50 dollars?? The stress of having to give your child to a stranger, of not being the parent for your child that you wish to be. The stress of not knowing how to organize everything when the children get sick. 

The question is if we make these decisions because we are convinced or if we do what we think we have to do
because everybody else is doing the same. 

Mothers are never "just" mothers. Mothers are the most important. Nature wanted mothers to be the most important. There would be no life without mothers. 

Let us start again to be there for our children ourselves and truly be mothers. So our children can bring their knowledge here on earth and change the world. 

There is a German song by Herbert Grönemeyer called Kinder an die Macht (Children to be in Power). He sings "children don't calculate what they do". They are unconditional love... 

Tell me what you think about it! 

Much love 


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