This is how to find out when you are fertile

Do you know the signs of fertility? Do you know how your body changes in the fertile times? 

Probably you've already noticed the so-called cervical mucus. It's discharge of the vagina that sometimes is thick, sometimes very fluid, that can sometimes be a lot and sometimes is much less. 

How do you feel about your cervical mucus? 

In school we learnt (if at all), that this might be "the whites". But we haven't been taught that we should be happy about it because it's a sign of fertility. And that means that our body is working the way it's supposed to be - the way nature wants it be! 

Watch the video. I explain how to find out when you are fertile looking at the cervical mucus and 2 other signs. 

When we know our cycle and fertility, it not just helps us but also our daughters. 

A lot of mothers tell me they don't know what to tell their daughter because they are not well versed themselves. 

If you are one of those moms, who is not 100 % confident with your cycle but wants your daughter to be confident with her cycle, schedule an appointment with me. Ich tell you how the cycle works, answer your questions and show you how you can explain all that your daughter. 

You find information about the appointment here

If you have any questions, contact me

I'm looking forward to hearing from you! 


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