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Media is showing us something else, but birth doesn't have to be like on TV.
Birth can and ought to be good.​

Something amazing, miraculous, spiritual to prepare us for motherhood and parenting.


If you think so too - or if you are dreaming about it, this course is perfect for you and your belly!
I'm offering this class as a biologist&doula because I believe from all my heart...

Us women are born to birth

Check information, possibilities and contribute to creating your birth experience

In our class I answer all your questions and I explain


~ how you can enjoy your pregnany ~

~ how you listen to your gut instinct and how you can trust it ~

~ how "natural common sense" can help you ~

~ that birth is about you ~

~ how you can contribute to creating your birth experience ~

~ why your birth doesn't have to be like on TV ~

~ what Orgasmic Birth is about ~

~ why it is important that you CONSCIOUSLY choose your midwife and/or hospital ~

~ that every woman can give birth ~

~ how Ina May Gaskin's "sphincter law" works ~

~ how essential time is ~

~ why being supported (by a doula) can be so helpful for you and your partner ~

~ how important the time immediately after birth is ~

~ how you can prepare for postpartum so it will be restful ~

~ why you should really enjoy postpartum ~


In our class I also explain

~ how you yourself can recalculate the due date ~
~ how you can minimize the risk of a c-section ~
(at a cesarean rate higher than 30 % in most western countries more than every 3rd woman is having a c-section!)

You can and should contribute to creating your birth experience. You have all it takes to give birth!


In our class I answer all your questions

And you get

time with lots of love and care
where it's all about you as a pregnant woman and mom-to-be 

and also
detailed information about pregnancy, birth and postpartum
a handout as a PDF with recommended books and links
email support until 2 months after birth


How long and how much?

The entire class costs 340 Euro* and is 4 appointments à 1,5 h each

*tax-free according to § 6 Abs. 1 Zif. 27 UStG (small business in Austria)

As soon as you paid you will be forwarded to a calender to book 4 appointments of your choice.

Choose the dates as they fit best for you.
I suggest a difference of about 1 week between the appointments.

The 4th class is when your partner should/can participate
(please choose a date that's good for him as well).

If the times are not good for you contact me to schedule another date for you.

The appointment is in Zoom.
I'll send you the link in time.

See you soon!

I'm looking forward to meeting you and your belly


Do you have questions?

Angelika Leibnitz
+43 (0) 650 – 510 14 07

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!!