Childbirth education class

I offer this class as a biologist&doula.

I'm convinced that birth in its primary purpose is meant and ought to be a wonderful experience. 

Something amazing, miraculous, spiritual to prepare us for motherhood and parenting. 

And what we love to remember for the rest of our life. 

If you believe so too - or if you are dreaming about it, this course is perfect for you and your belly!

Unfortunately our picture of birth is very negative.
As the famous OB/GYN Dr. Christiane Northrup says media is letting us believe that birth is the biggest catastrophe on earth.

The woman is in the hospital, she is lying on the bed, attached to a CTG, her legs spread apart, she screams, doctors run around, there is hectic.

Birth doesn't have to be that way.
Birth can and ought to be good.​
Though we are not there yet that the woman is in the center of all actions.
But - you can find out your possibilites.

Only if a woman is informed she can claim her rights.

Dr.in Ulrike Haas

Ask whenever you are not sure.

If your belly is telling you that something is not clear.

Maybe it's your baby asking you to rethink and reconsider.

Because know...

Your body can birth.
There is lots of wisdom&strength in you.
Birth is such a unique experience.
Let's be conscious about it.

Women are born to birth


Would you like to prepare for an empowering birth experience?