Natural Birth Control

Natural birth control doesn't have good reputation. 

If you google it a lot of times you are advised not to use it. They say natural birth control wouldn't be safe. 

​True... trying to calculate ovulation, using apps and telling them how you are
feeling today, eating tons of parsley every day or trusting to be able to feel
ovulation - that's not proven ways to avoid getting pregnant. 

But there is a method of natural birth control which is safe and livable, has no side effects and - by the way - doesn't cost anything!!

It's the method of Prof. Dr. med. Josef Rötzer.

With only little practise it's not more effort than taking the pill every day. 

Your body is telling you when you are fertile. It's a language we can learn. Everybody can learn it. 
You too - if you want to! 

Using the method of Dr. Rötzer you are looking at at least 2 signs to find out when you are fertile. 

  • cervical mucus and
  • temperature when waking up and/or
  • cervix


If you avoid something for some time it then becomes a lot more interesting ; )

You have the possibilty to deepen your sexuality. Something you cannot experience in 10 (or 11) minutes... 

Do you want to know more?