How to get pregnant if it's not working

Has fertility app and clinic been the last hope for you so far?

Are you unbelievably sad, yet desperate, that you keep trying and trying but you just don't get pregnant?

Do you have sex only because of this very reason?

​Has anyone told you that
YOU yourself - with little effort only - can find out
when/if you are fertile?

It's not difficult when you know what you have to pay attention to...

The signs of fertility

Your body changes when you are fertile. During your cycle you can observe your cervical mucus, temperature when waking up and the cervix and you soon know how your body changes.

  • The cervical mucus is produced in greater amounts and more liquid in the cervix in the fertile period. It has a very important role to play: it helps sperm survive! If there is no cervical mucus sperm die within a short period of time.
  • Temperature when waking up is low at the beginning of the cycle raises some tenth of degrees.
  • The cervix is open and soft in the fertile period and is often a little higher than in the infertile period as well.

YOU have a big advantage over a device or a doctor telling you when you are fertile, because YOU are 24 h a day with your body and so you can notice every change. A device or a doctor can only take a snap-shot.

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Sometimes we need to give our body time. Especially when we've used birth control for many years. 
Sometimes our body needs time to relearn how to ovulate. 
But our body is strong and fortunately we have the power to rejuvenate. 
It's most important though to take out the pressure (of time). 

And not have sex for the only reason to conceive. 

... because what we should think of ...
even though an orgasm is not needed to get pregnant
there is a difference if you fertilise an egg with a sperm in the laboratory
when 2 souls connect in a beautiful night of love and passion
not only physically
but also emotionally as well as spiritually


Do you have questions?
Do you need help to find out how your body
changes in the fertile period?

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And care who ever taketh a path for thee to find.

Commit thy way unto the Lord - Paul Gerhardt