I studied biology and then wanted to become a midwife.

This didn't work out though.

I still was able to do an internship at a maternity unit. I saw episiotomies, epidurials, Kristeller's manoeuvres and cesareans. In the daily routine of a hospital it is hardly possible to give the laboring woman the time she would need to open and that's why interventions are often done "fairly quickly".

I also joined a home birth midwife. This was a completely different experience!

Women who want to have a home birth had some kind of trust that fascinated me.

Then a friend told me about doulas and I immediately knew that I found what I've been looking for so long...

Thanks to the wonderful doulatraining of Angelika Rodler here in Austria  I was able to get to know Debra Pascali-Bonaro and Ina May Gaskin from America.

Debra Pascali-Bonaro​

has been a doula since more than 30 years and co-author/movie maker of ORGASMIC BIRTH

Ina May Gaskin

is one of the most famous midwives and at the age of 77 years she keeps travelling around the world to spread her knowledge and share her story. 

Those 2 great women inspired me to offer childbirth education classes as a biologist&doula.


Michel Odent

Turning Points: Tuesday evenings with Michel Odent at effraspace in London

Lately I've also met Michel Odent (doctor, obstetrician, researcher and pioneer of natural childbirth) from France.
I'm so grateful for those people who've been contributing to change birth since decades and keep passing on their knowledge.
~ even though they could have been enjoying retirement already long ago ~


2012 I was in Rwanda, Africa.

I helped in a Centre nutritionnel and I was able to see how babies are born in the Centre Santé.
An experience that deeply touched me and reminded me to appreciate my life.


​Even though the media is making us believe that

being feminine
our cycle, pregnancy, birth&menopause

is an illness...

I do NOT believe
that our body is a failure of nature.

We are perfect.​

What do you think?



A poem by my dear midwife friend ​Hanne Brøgger

I am moving myself into the Light - or am I being moved into the Light?
I cannot really tell. And I know it isn’t all that important to have certainty.
At the same time it feels infinitely soft and wildly strong. I know I am safe.
My cells receive exactly what they need to fulfill a satisfying travel. 
A travel so rich in it’s different tastes that I can do nothing but surrender in great gratitude of this magnificient creativity that is taking place right NOW.
A travel to a different world - a world I have heard of, tasted and felt through my Mother.
She who embodies this infinitely soft and wildly strong.
I know I am safe because I feel how she is standing in the light with her light,
in that moment I understand that it is the same light that I come from and arrive to.
She is everything I know.
She is the Divine Balance between Freedom and Love.
I feel the overwhelming pleasure of .. feeling .. alive .. just as the petals unfolds and I gracefully enter into the new World.
I already LOVE this world as I think this UNFOLDING is the most beautiful experience I have ever participated in … and this is only the beginning.
I love you World.
I love you Mother.
I love this new feeling of my Soul in my Body.