A Heartfelt Welcome!


Hello dear ladies, sisters, girls&friends,

I'm Angelika.

Many many years ago I started devoting myself to our female topics.

A lot of it started with when I had to asked myself what I want to use for birth control. Being 16 years old I went to the US for a year. My mom asked me if I want to have the pill prescribed. But I already knew back then - NO, I don't want to take the pill. I have never taken it. And I will never take it. 

First I was using condoms. But I soon found out that it can't be the solution...

And that's when I fould a book about Natural Birth Control. I've been using natural birth control for 10 years now. Successfully!

How come I also become a doula and offer childbirth education classes preparing for pregnancy, birth and postpartum?​


Our cycle

Once a young girl said to me:

"It would be so much better to be a man. They don't have this stupid period that comes once a month and they don't have to SUFFER the way we do."

It made me very sad to hear that. How will this girl experience pregnancy, birth, postpartum, menopause (and sexuality?) one day, if she is not having joy being female at this young age?

Bleeding is a wonderful mechanism to detox for our body (by the way that's the reason why women usually live longer than men ; )

There is so much information in our cycle! ​


Natural birth control

There is so much negative information out about natural birth control.
But how happy are you with the method you are using now??

You are often tired, moody and are not even interested in sex and you think to yourself that it might have something to do with taking these hormones?
You don't feel happy in your body?
Are you asking yourself if there is an alternative to the pill which is also SAFE?

There is a method of natural birth control
Proved by thousands of women and hundred thousands of cycles

What pill product can show studies of hundred thousands (before it is released on the market)?


How to get pregnant if it's not working

Everybody knows couples nowadays who are desperately trying to get pregnant.

Maybe you are one of them?

We are looking for help in the outside. And are even more disappointed when it's again not working.​


But there is one possibility we might have not considered yet...


We can find out ourselves when we are fertile. We are 24 hours a day with our body and we can pay attention to it all the time. 

Our body is telling us when we are fertile - just as it is telling us when we are hungry or thirsty or that our bladder is full. 

When we know the language of our body, we no longer need an app telling us when we are fertile. Because we know ourselves. 


Red tents


A red tent is a wonderful place to

red tents
In a red tent you can feel the bond of a sisterhood

we are so longing for ... which we need ... and helps us feel good.

Would you like to organize a red tent?



Doulas are women that support women in birth

Doulas don't replace midwives. We are there in addition

​In the US doulas are sometimes covered by social security because studies show that there is less complications when women are supported in birth. 

I'm a doula!

Curious what a doula does (and what she doesn't do)

childbirth ed


Pregnant? Have you thought about birth yet?

Will it be like they show us on TV? Or might it be different?

Great? Empowering? Encouraging? As a preparation for motherhood?

Might birth have something to do with sexuality?​

Yes : ) Like one of the most famous midwives Ina May Gaskin and doula Debra Pascali-Bonaro from the US say...

"What gets the baby in, gets the baby out"​

Being a biologist&doula I offer childbirth education classes to prepare for pregnancy, birth and postpartum.​


Do you have questions? Do you want to know more?
Do you have any concerns?
Or do you want to tell me your story?


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There is so much wisdom&beauty in our female topics!!​

What it is

It is nonsense says reason
It is what it is says love

It is calamity says calculation
It is nothing but pain says fear

It is hopeless says insight
It is what it issays love

It is ludicrous says pride
It is foolish says caution

It is impossible says experience
It is what it is says love

~ Erich Fried ~