Please double-check your due date

You lower the risk to have a c-section when the due date is calculated correctly 

The c-section rate in the US is more than 30 %. That means more than every 3rd woman births her baby with a cesarean. This is extremely high but unfortunately the numbers are similar in almost all western countries. 

But why? 

One reason for that is because we are not calculating the due date correctly. 

Even though science has proven it wrong we still assume that ovulation takes place on day 14. 

Ovulation can take place on/around day 14 but it doesn't have to! Ovulation takes place 12-16 days BEFORE the 1st day of the next period. 

If a woman has a cycle of 28 days she was ovulating between day 12 and 16. But if a woman tends to have longer cycles of eg 36 days she was not ovulating on day 14 but between day 20 and 24

Unfortunately they don't tell us that we should take notes when we sleep with our partner. They tell us the doctor calculates the due date. 

But how can the doctor know when we had sex???? 

We can only calculate the due date correctly, if we know when the baby was made. And that's something only the woman and her partner can know. Therefore we need notes when we had sex and we need to know when we are fertile (for more information watch this video). 

Because what happenes when we don't double-check the due date... 

If the baby doesn't come around the due date they usually wait about 10 days before they try to induce birth. If it was assumed that ovulation has taken place on day 14, the due date wasn't calculated correctly. The woman of the mentioned example might have ovulated on day 24. 

It means that interventions (eg inductions and often as a result of that c-sections) are made before pregnancy is over and the baby has completely matured! 


If you took notes when you slept with your partner please double-check if you even had sex around day 14! It's important that you discuss that information with your midwife and doctor. 

If you don't have notes be aware that the baby doesn't have to come on the calculated due date. Also discuss that with your midwife and doctor. 

As long as mother and baby are doing fine we can assume that the baby lets us know when it's ready to enter this world. We forget more and more that there is an intelligence in nature. An intelligence that's greater than the human mind. Birth starts when both time and the baby are ready. 

Complications often arise when we are made insecure (the whole society adds to that) and we don't dare listening to ourselves and our body. 

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I'm looking forward to meeting you and your baby belly! 

Much love 


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