Our cycle – our fertility – our femininity

The wisdom&beauty in our female topics 

Once a young girl said to me: 

It would be so much better to be a man. They don't have this stupid period that comes once a month and they don't have to SUFFER the way we do. 

It made me very sad to hear that. How will this girl experience pregnancy, birth, postpartum, menopause (and sexuality?) one day, if she is not having joy being female at this young age? 

Bleeding is a wonderful mechanism to detox for our body (by the way that's the reason why women usually live longer than men ; ) 

There is so much information in our cycle! 


When you know about your cycle YOU know when you are fertileYou don't need an app or a doctor any more telling you that - you know yourself. That's very helpful because the fertile period in a woman's life is long... 

When you know about your fertility YOU can avoid getting pregnant without hormones, surgery or contraceptives. With a little practise it soon won't be more effort than taking the pill every day.


By knowing about your fertility YOU can also aim to get pregnantThat has become difficult nowadays. Fertility clinic is not the only solution if you are not getting pregnant. 

The only way to correctly calculate the due date is when YOU are charting your cycle. Unfortunately the due date is not calculated correctly and that's what often leads to man-made induced prematurity.


Because in the cycle we are losing blood on a regular basis our body needs to repoduce new and fresh blood. That's helping US to detox. It's very important in times where we are eating lots of processed foods! 

sheela na gig

Even though the media is making us believe that 

being feminine 
our cycle, pregnancy, birth&menopause 
is an illness... 

I do NOT believe 
that our body is a failure of nature. 

We are perfect. 

What do you think? 

Tell me 


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