Living someone else’s truth

The dance between facts and intuition 


We have reached a point where everyone of us has tried a few - if not a looot of - different things to process or heal something, to learn how to feel what's right. 

We do yoga and meditate, get information in channelings and coachings, eat vegan/paleo/keto/according to the latest trend and (tons of) superfoods, want to solve our story with family constellations and seminars. 

But is our life the way we've dreamed about it? Are we where we want to be or do we have to keep spending money and time to live the life we long for? 

A dear friend of mine lately started to call it Semi-Narrs (Narr is the German word for fool). I have to admit that I agree. We so lost faith in us (ie we have never learned because our parents never learned either and their parents neither etc), that we almost blindly trust those truths. Even though each method has its right and often does good, it's still someone else's truth. And we don't learn to check back with our intuition, if these truths go with what we feel. 

I myself spent waaay too much money in hope to find the truth somewhere outside. I always believed that the guru knows how I best live my life. Big disappointment... even the cannot know what's really best FOR ME. 

Now I know - it's a dance between facts and intuition. 

We need both. Facts and intuition. Though we ought to check the facts with what I call is our "natural common sense". Way too often it's just trends that are not founded but nicely packed in marketing strategies. But when we know well about the facts, this is the basis for our intuition. 

The topic that is so dear to my heart is our cycle. For me it's the fundament of our entire life (as a woman). There are so many untruths about our cycle and oftentimes clarity about the length of the cycle, when ovulation takes place or how to calculate the due date is missing. And that makes us so much more insecure than we are aware of. 

There is founded knowledge about our cycle out there. As weird as it may sound in times of google and youtube - it's hardly taught or known. Doctors like Billings and Rötzer researched for decades to clarify the way the cycle works and to "prove" that ovulation does NOT have to take place on day 14. 

When we know how the cycle really works we can trust our guts so much more. Our body talkes to us. It lets us know what's going on. The cycle is perfectly thought through by nature. You can even explain it logically! To learn the language of our cycle is not difficult once you know what you have to pay attention to. 

The cycle is our connetion to nature. When we have this basic knowledge, we can let ourselves be guided by our body in topics such as birth control, getting pregnant, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, menopause. We all get in touch with these topics in some part of our life. There is so much wisdom&beauty in being a woman. We can only win when we know about it. 

This Friday I hold my first Circle of Sisters. The evening is all about the cycle. We talk about the facts of the cycle and how we can let ourselves be guided through this knowledge by our intuition to dance with life rather than fight it... 

Find all details about the Circle of Sisters here

See you soon, looking forward to you! 


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