Let’s reFemme ✨

*Circle of Sisters* CYCLE & Femininity 
February 8th, 2019 ~ 7 pm ~ Holzhausen, Austria 

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Dr Kelly Brogan is a teacher who I've been following for quite a while. Her story and what she does deeply touches me. In her article reFemme she speaks to me from the heart. 

I've also been hearing the voice inside, that something just isn't right. Today I know - it's the voice of our femininity. I tried to follow her, but I didn't know if I'm allowed to do so, if that's how you do it, what my family and friends say and how I can live that in our society. In the patriarchy that surrounds us it's a challenge to surrender to the Feminine (within us). 

Those who know me, know that my attempts were bumpy. But I couldn't help it. I needed to at least try. I saw so very clear what's possible but I kept doubting wheter I, wheter we can make it. When I came across Dr Kelly Brogan - and my dear, close friend Natalie Bidmon - I started to trust my voice inside a lot more. 

Though I'm not yet "where I want to be", but I understood that it's a way. And I've decided to dance with it rather than fight it!! 

In next Friday's Circle of Sisters we talk about exactly that. And how the cycle is our compass back to femininity. 

Let's reFemme Sisters! 



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