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March 1st, 2019 ~ 7 pm ~ Seminarkristall Iselsberg, Austria

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For me our cycle is the basis for our entire life as a woman. It is such a wonder-ful compagnion, always by and on my side. It lets me know what's going on in every moment and how it's doing. I can't imagine a life without that connection anymore. But of course that was something also I needed to learn... 

In the Circle of Sisters I pass on my experiences and the knowledge about our cycle. It's not meant that us women are competitors. When we feel the magic happening amongst women in a loving space, we become sisters. We connect and strengthen each other. Without effort and in ease

How it all began in my life 

Birth control is what got me into many things. In the beginning I used condoms, I never took the pill. Then more than 10 years ago I was looking for a natural method and I found the book of Dr Rötzer. 

In this tiny book it is explained step by step in simple words how the cycle works and what rules to follow if you want to avoid (or aim) to get pregnant. I read the book and saw in the very first cycle I tracked that my cycle has been just as described. Ever since I've been using natural birth control. Successfully! 

I don't ever want to go without that knowledge again. It's a feeling of empowerment when I (not a device or doctor) know when I'm fertile. Of course there were/are many challenges in all kind of areas in my life that force me to grow. But I've realized that this is part of life here on earth! We cannot avoid it, but we can do what's in our power to be best prepared for the rollercoaster ride 😉 

The cycle - a true soul by and on our side 

Besides the fact that with the knowledge about our cycle we can avoid or aim to get pregnant - and we ourselves can calculate the due date correctly - it also helps us get in contact with our feelings. Difficult periods which are so very common and have almost been normalized would have a message for us: "s.l.o.w d.o.w.n" to allow time and space FOR US. 

Me too I've realized that it's more a blessing than it is a curse, when my cycle reminds me to rest and relax. So often we believe that we don't deserve to have quiet time because we are supposed to do this and that and even more (almost always for others). The cycle is a loving reminder to carve out time for us. When we don't listen, it has no other choice but to tell us a little more intense. 

And there the connection between us women comes into play. Our whole life becomes so much easier when we have women on our side who are there for us, listen and help us see things from a different angle when we are stuck or remind us when we forgot to care for us. 

Trying to discuss our female topics with men may backfire. Since men are not women, in these areas they might not be able to help us as much we want them to. Though if we share what's on our hearts, when being exhausted, our questions, our worries with other women, then our tanks are refilled when we come back home to our partner/family and this is a Win-Win for everyone involved

That's exactly what we will dive into in the Circle of Sisters. Having lived in Lienz, East Tyrol for many years I'm especially looking forward to spending a wonder-ful evening in sisterhood there. 

Much love and see you soon! 


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Circle of Sisters OUR CYCLE 

7 pm  

Seminarkristall Iselsberg
A-9992 Iselsberg 201  

35 Euro 

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