*Circle of Sisters* CYCLE Fertility & Femininity

Circle of Sisters_Fertility&Femininity

The knowledge about our cycle gives us trust we cannot get from books, workshops, medicine, superfoods or gurus. To know about our own cycle lets us trust IN US and IN THE WISDOM OF NATURE. 

Our cycle, fertility and femininity are topics that are with us on a daily basis. And yet we often are not aware of them. So many questions we cannot answer with 100 % certainty, only to some extent or maybe not at all. 

When exactly do I ovulate? 

How long should/must/can be a healthy, fertile cycle? 

How can I know the signs of fertility? 

When can I get pregnant? Or can I always get pregnant?? 

How do I manage to not only be a mother but start being a woman again? 

Why do I have a low libido?

To not know our cycle makes us insecure. But that in turn means that when we (get to) know it, we develop this deep sense of trust that radiates into anything we do. 

Sisters, come to the Circle and reclaim the knowledge that's ours... 

Circle of Sisters CYCLE & FERTILITY 
*Tumeltsham/Ried, Austria* 

January 18th, 2019 
7 pm 

35 Euros 

Seminar room of Heide Maria Vendler 
Schönfeld 11, A-4911 Tumeltsham 

Sign up info@derweiblichezyklus.com or +43 (0) 650 – 510 14 07 


Circle of Sisters CYCLE & FEMININITY 
*Holzhausen, Austria* 

February 8th, 2019
7 pm 

35 Euros 

Yogastudio Sonja Hornberger 
Lehen 23, A-4615 Holzhausen 

Sign up info@derweiblichezyklus.com or +43 (0) 650 – 510 14 07 

I'm looking forward to seeing you there!! 



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