*Circle of Sisters* CYCLE & Fertility

January 18th, 2019 ~ 7 pm ~ Tumeltsham/Ried, Austria 

The fertile phase in a woman's life is long. There are times when we want to avoid getting pregnant. And there are times when we want to aim getting pregnant. Because we know so little about (our) fertility, by now we've sometimes been putting both in other hands. 

To avoid getting pregnant we go to the doctor and get the pill, an IUD, a patch, a ring or a rod. When after using hormonal birth control for years and decades it's not working to get pregnant, we again search for help in the outside. IVFs have become so common in America and the rest of the world. 

And yet - nature intended that both would be in our own hands. When we know what to pay attention to, we ourselves can avoid to get pregnant. And when we know about our fertility and adopt our lifestyle a bit more to nature, we can also aim to get pregnant - even if we have used hormonal birth control for many years. 

What us women are able to do...

Us women can build airplanes nowadays, lead huge companies, govern countries, make carriers and at the same time be wives, mothers and housewives, we study, learn technology, educate ourselves and do yoga to be in better connection with our body. 


Us women can also learn the language of our body. 


Together and in sisterhood. Let's get back the knowledge about our cycle and our fertility. It's ours and our daughters. 

Much love & see you soon! 



Circle of Sisters CYCLE & FERTILITY

7 pm 

Seminar room of Heide Maria Vendler 
Schönfeld 11, A-4911 Tumeltsham 

35 Euro 

Sign up info@derweiblichezyklus.com or +43 (0) 650 – 510 14 07 

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