*Circle of Sisters* CYCLE & Femininity

February 8th, 2019 ~ 7 pm ~ Holzhausen, Austria 

Circle of Sisters_cycle&femininity

In today's time more than ever we get messages from all over that doubt the female and femininity. 

We shouldn't "just" be mothers, but make careers and be the man who stands his ground, care for ourselves, not having to depend on anyone. Campagnes like "Women into Technology" have been telling us for years to enter a field that has been dominated by men for a long time. We should wear the trousers - literally... 

But do us women really be the better men?? 

I don't agree. 

Though I'm not talking about wheter or not we are allowed to make careers or what job we should have. I'm talking about the qualities that are in the Masculine and the Feminine. 

The male aspects in our world, the achieving, the active, the Yang is solide and strong. But what's missing are the female aspects, the receiving, the passive, the Yin. Only when it's in balance we can live the life we so long for. Then fighting, having to be better, it being exhausting ends. Then ease comes. 

Challenges will always be in our lives but we can deal with them differently, when we understand that it needs both. That the Male is not better than the Female (or the other way round). 

Even though we enjoy the sun and it nurtures and feeds us - we still need the rain. There would be no life without rain. 

Our cycle reminds us over and over again, that we are women. Ought to be women. When we understand how our cycle works and begin to dance with it rather than fight it, we tap into our female power. 

We start to realize that our body speaks with us. Through cervical mucus it tells us that we are fertile. Through PMS it asks us to rest and relax. 

We can't compare our life/body with men. The one of men is linear. The one of us women is cyclic or like a wave. 

In the next Circle of Sisters we focus on exactly that. That our cycle is the basis for our life as a woman and for our femininity. 

Together under sisters we tap into our power. 

I'm looking forward to seeing you there! 

Much love 



Circle of Sisters CYCLE & FEMININITY 

7 pm 

Yogastudio Sonja Hornberger 
Lehen 23, A-4615 Holzhausen 

35 Euro 

Sign up info@derweiblichezyklus.com or +43 (0) 650 – 510 14 07 

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