Celebrate the little girl, that lives *in every woman*

I've not only been following Kelly Brogan but also the wonder-ful Christiane Northrup for a while now. The wisdom of both of them so resonates with what I feel. 

In her book Beautiful Girl Dr Northrup talks about a girl's body being perfect. The way it is! When little girls know and believe that from the very beginning on, us women can trust that our bodies are still perfect. Just the way they are. 

Even though we have forgotten... Cause for a long time, especially during the last decades, we've been hearing another message. The one that we are only perfect, when we have the shape and size of a (photoshopped) model, when we put on make-up and dress fancy etc. Since most of the time birth control is a woman's thing, we even get hidden messages there that our body being the way it is (ie fertile) is not perfect. Only when we suppress our fertility, we are the woman that's wanted nowadays. 

Consciously many of us try to do different. We no longer want to follow fashion trends of the media and be told how we are supposed to be. But un/subconsciously?? 

I also realize in my life how I let myself be influenced. Sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously, sometimes subconsciously. It's a fine line. We do want to be part of it, not be a freak and yet we so long to live what we feel deeply inside - called by the girl in us. 

In my opinion this path is sooo much easier when we keep reminding each other over and over and over again. That the little girl who without any doubt still lives in every one of us, restarts to believe that our female body and our whole being as a woman is perfect. 

Circle of Sisters_Iselsberg_Northrup

In the Circle of Sisters where I used to live in East Tyrol we get in touch with the magic of our little girl. We celebrate, embrace her and help her remember. 

And in addition to that I'm teaching you the facts about our cycle. 

How long is a healthy, fertile cycle?
When does ovulation take place? 
How do I know that I'm fertile? 

We are made so insecure since there are many untruths and myths around the cycle. When we understand how our cycle really works, we realize how perfectly thought through by nature us women are. The way we are. Just the way we are... 

Find all details about the Circle of Sisters here

I'm looking forward to seeing you there!! 



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