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Interview for bachelor thesis about menstruation

From Taboo to Wohoo

Magdalena Vigl, a midwifery student from Austria interviewed me for her bachelor thesis FROM TABOO TO WOHOO - About the Relevance of midwife-led Education on Menstruation.  She chose this topic because nowadays the majority of young girls (60 % between the age of 13 and 17) think negative about their own menstruation. With her work Magdalena …


Can intense sex lead to ovulation?


It's a myth that still persists. You keep hearing that intense sex could lead to ovulation.  No. Even the most intense sex cannot lead to ovulation. Physiologically it's not possible...  Ovulation is a process that is regulated by hormones takes time once terminated can't be repeated in the same cycle Ovulation is a process that's regulated by hormones Depending on what phase …