Can intense sex lead to ovulation?

It's a myth that still persists. You keep hearing that intense sex could lead to ovulation. 

No. Even the most intense sex cannot lead to ovulation. Physiologically it's not possible... 

Ovulation is a process that 

  • is regulated by hormones 
  • takes time 
  • once terminated can't be repeated in the same cycle 

Ovulation is a process that's regulated by hormones 

Depending on what phase of the cycle different hormones are released. At the beginning estrogen is dominant. One of its tasks is to ensure that the follicles are stimulated to grow and it prepares the body for ovulation. When ovulation has taken place mainly progesterone is released. 

Estrogen and progesterone are produced in the ovaries. Along with the hormones FSH and LH which are secreted by the pituitary gland, the cycle is a process that can only be influenced externally to a certain extent. 

The growth of the follicle can be stopped due to stress. It can be stress in the family, the job, school,... The body needs to focus on something else and can't use its energy for ovulation/a possible pregnancy. 

Conversely ovulation cannot be provoked. 

For ovulation to take place it takes time 

Ovulation can only happen once the follicle has reached a certain size. The follicle grows about 2 mm a day and has to have around 2,6 mm before it can rupture. 

Just recently they caught an ovulation on camera during surgery. You can clearly see how big the follicle is in comparison to the ovary when it releases the egg. 

For the follicle to grow it takes time and that's why ovulation cannot be forced. 

Once ovulation has taken place there can't be another ovulation within the same cycle 

When ovulation is complete progesterone prevents another ovulation to take place. That's perfectly thought through by nature because it inhibits to get pregnant once again when you are already pregnant. 

That's the principle of many pill products. Progesterone alike hormones send a signal to the body that ovulation has already taken place - "that you are already pregnant". Ovulation doesn't occur and that's why you are not fertile. 

Even the most intense sex can therefore NOT LEAD TO ovulation 

If more than one ovulation takes place as in case of fraternal twins they are always within the same fertile period. Due to stress a woman can have more than one fertile period within a cycle, when the growth of the follicle is stopped. But once ovulation (more ovulations within the same fertile period) have taken place, there can be neither another fertile period nor another ovulation. 

For more information please watch these videos 
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Another reason why the myth intense sex could lead to ovulation persists is that many people don't know how long sperm are able to survive. Under perfect circumstances sperm can wait for ovulation and survive up to 6 days. But this shouldn't be confused with the fact that (intense) sex would lead to ovulation. 

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