8 benefits about natural birth control


Too bad we don't learn it in school... 

Because if we know what we have to pay attention to, natural birth control is safe. And easy! 

8 benefits about natural birth control we should know: 


NO side effects

Natural birth control has NO side effects. No fatigue, no gain of weight, no not feeling happy in our body. Also none of the side effects that are written in the package insert of pill products. So no danger of blood clot/trombus, no risk of (breast) cancer, no headaches, no sickness, no mycosis etc. It's the opposite, we feel a lot happier in our body when using natural birth control. 


We know OURSELVES when we are fertile

When we observe our cycle we can find our OURSELVES if our body is working as it's supposed to be. Meaning we can find out ourselves if your cycles are fertile when we know the signs of fertility. We can pass on this knowledge to our daughters so they themselves know too when they are fertile. 


We get self consicous, self reliant and gain SELF CONFIDENCE

Because we almost lost the awareness of our body since we try to do a lot with our intellect only we are made insecure when it comes to our body. But with natural birth control we start to own our body again and we therefore get self conscious, self reliant and gain SELF CONFIDENCE. That doesn't only help in birth control but in so many other areas of life - such as sexuality (I'll be talking about that next week : )


We DON'T DEPEND on anything or anybody else

As we know ourselves when we are fertile we DON'T DEPEND so much on the outside any more. We stop needing a product, technique or application or a doctor who prescribes a pill, inserts an IUD or does surgery. The doctor can then concentrate on sick people a lot better and doesn't have to try suppressing fertility and make a patient out of a healthy woman. 


Natural birth control is FREE

Another benefit of natural birth control is that it's FREE. If you look at what we spend on birth control this is a substantial argument. You don't have purchase costs nor current costs. As soon as we know the signs of fertility this is something that can't be taken away from us any more. 


Knowing about natural birth control we can also aim (ourselves) to GET PREGNANT if that's what we want

Nowadays there are lots and lots of couples who are desperately trying to get pregnant but it's not working. There are different reasons for that eg our diet or life style. Using hormonal birth control over years is another possible reason. A lot of times women take the pill for 20 (!) years and after they stop they have difficulties GETTING PREGNANT. The body forgot - or has never learnt - to ovulate. If we are using natural birth control we can at least exclude this reason for infertility.


We can solve the problems around the DUE DATE

In natural birth control we learn when we are fertile. If we then decide to get pregnant we can calculate the DUE DATE ourselves - because we know ourselves when the baby was made (we don't have to ask the doctor any more to tell us when we had sex ; ) Calculating the due date actually is a problem: it's not calculated correctly because we always assume that ovulation took place on day 14. But if it hasn't taken place on day 14 and that can often be the case (and if we haven't even had sex around day 14!) the due date is not calculated correctly. That keeps leading to man-made induced prematurity. If we ask women we know or maybe it even happened to us how many births were induced because "overdue" we soon find out how high the number is... 


Natural birth control helps us DEEPEN OUR SEXUALITY

Let's be honest: how much do we really want to have sex? It is a topic we don't like to talk about but a lot of women feel the same. Even if you take the pill or have an IUD and you would be allowed to have sex all the time - the libido often is low. Sometimes it's another thing on the "list". You quickly do it in 10 minutes so it can be checked. It hardly ever is satisfying. If we are using natural birth control and we avoid chemical substances that interfere (or condoms that are a barrier to the partner) we can DEEPEN OUR SEXUALITY a lot. And back comes the libido - and it's also fun again... 

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